Installing Db2 products and features using a response file

To install Db2 products and features using a response file, you must create a response file which contains values that are used to answer questions during the installation process that you would normally answer.

You should understand the following considerations before proceeding with a response file installation:

  • Although response files created in Db2 Version 9 and response files created in Db2 Version 10 have similar formats, there are version limitations as to where response files can be used. For example, any response file generated in Version 10 can only be used to install a Version 10 product (for example Version 10.1); the response file cannot be used to install Version 9. The opposite is also true, where response files generated in Version 9 cannot be used to install Version 10. This is primarily caused by mandatory keywords that are new in Version 10.
  • On Linux® or UNIX platforms, a response file created for a root installation might not be usable for a non-root installation. Some response file keywords are valid for root installation only. For details, see the response file keywords.
  • If you are using the Db2 Setup wizard:
    • You can save your settings in a response file during the installation in the Select the installation action panel of the Db2 Setup wizard.
    • You are creating a response file based on just the installation you are performing. This method is recommended if you have either a fairly simple configuration or if you want to create a response file that you plan to later customize.
    • A response file is only generated if you allow the installation process to complete, and it completes successfully. If you cancel the installation, or if the installation fails, the response file is not created.
    • Response files created with this method cannot be used in the db2isetup command -r parameter without modification. A response file created using the setup wizard, and used in the db2isetup command must be modified to meet the following conditions:
      • must contain the keyword FILE
      • must not contain the keywords: PROD, LIC_AGREEMENT, or INSTALL_TYPE.
  • You can use a response file to install an identical configuration across every workstation on your network or to install multiple configurations of a Db2 database product. You can then distribute this file to every workstation where you want this product to be installed.
  • If you use the response file generator, you are creating the response file based on an existing installation. This method is recommended when you have a more complex configuration, one that you manually configured. If you are using the response file generated by the response file generator, you might need to input user names and passwords.
  • If you are using a response file to move from one Db2 database product to another on a Windows operating system, ensure that the UPGRADE_PRIOR_VERSIONS keyword is not set in your response file.