Gathering diagnostic information for instance creation problems

If you encounter problems when creating or upgrading an instance, you might need to collect diagnostic information to help troubleshoot the problem. The db2fodc -clp command helps to quickly gather the necessary diagnostic information for IBM support to analyze and troubleshoot the problem.


While creating or upgrading an instance, you might receive an error when trying to update the DBM CFG as part of instance creation. The error code that you might receive is DBI1281E. However, this error might not give the root cause of the problem and diagnostic information is need to further troubleshoot the instance creation problem.

Resolving the problem

To quickly gather the diagnostic information needed to troubleshoot the problem, under the guidance of IBM support, you need to perform the following steps:
  1. Issue the db2fodc -clp command. This command collects environment and configuration related information that is targeted to diagnosing an instance creation problem. After collection is completed the information is stored in a newly created directory named FODC_Clp_<timestamp>_<member>.

After collection is completed you can send the FODC_Clp_<timestamp>_<member> directory to IBM support for analysis.