First Steps interface

Launches the First Steps interface, which contains links to the functions that you need to begin learning about and using the Db2® product.

From First Steps, you can do the following tasks:
  • Check for product updates.
  • Learn more about getting started with Db2 database product and offerings.
  • Create the sample database or your own database.
  • Download and learn more about IBM® Data Studio components.
  • Learn more about Db2 database product licensing and support.
Product updates

Ensure that you are aware of the available product updates and enhancements for Db2 database products. With the update service, you can view a list of available Db2 database product updates, and learn details about Db2 database product updates.

Getting started
You can learn more about getting started with Db2 version 11.5 with information for first time users, upgrading to Db2 version 11.5 and enabling Db2 pureScale® environment.
Create sample database
You can create a sample database to start working with Db2 version 11.5.
IBM Data Studio components
IBM Data Studio provides application developers with a single integrated development environment that can be used to create deploy and debug data-centric applications. You can download IBM Data Studio database management and application development tools.
Db2 database product licensing and support
You can learn more about Db2 database product licenses, applying the relevant license certificate file of your Db2 product, and technical support for Db2 products.
Running First Steps
You can manually start First Steps using the db2fs command:
   $ db2fs
On Linux® and UNIX operating systems
The db2fs command is located in the INSTHOME/sqllib/bin directory, where INSTHOME is the instance home directory. You need SYSADM authority to run this command.

Alternatively, on Linux operating systems you can start First Steps from Main Menu by selecting IBM Db2 > First Steps.

On Windows operating system
The db2fs command is located in the DB2DIR\bin directory, where DB2DIR is set to the location you specified during the Db2 installation.

Alternatively, you can start First Steps from the Start menu by selecting Programs > IBM Db2 Copy Name > Set Up Tools > Db2 First Steps or from the Db2 database product folder on the desktop.