Deleting a Firefox browser profile

After you have run the Db2 Setup wizard or Db2® First Steps, you might want to delete the browser profile to prevent JavaScript from running automatically when visiting other Web pages with this profile.

About this task

If you use this profile to view other Web pages that have JavaScript, the JavaScript will run automatically without warnings.

If you use Firefox as your Web browser, a browser profile is created when you run Db2 First Steps. If you agree, a browser profile named DB2_FIRSTSTEPS is created.


To delete a Firefox browser profile:

  1. If any Firefox browsers are open, close them.
  2. Open the Firefox Profile Manager.
    • On Windows
      1. Open the Windows Start menu and select Run...
      2. Type firefox.exe -profilemanager and click OK. The Firefox - Choose User Profile dialog opens.
    • On Linux® and UNIX
      1. Open a command prompt.
      2. Switch to the Firefox directory.
      3. Start Firefox with the -profilemanager switch. For example:
        ./firefox -profilemanager
  3. Select the DB2_FIRSTSTEPS profile.
  4. Click Delete Profile...
  5. Click Exit to close the Firefox - Choose User Profile dialog.

What to do next

For further information about Firefox profiles, visit