Analyzing data for installation problems

After you collect diagnostic data about installation problems, you can analyze the data to determine the cause of the problem. These steps are optional. If the cause of the problem is not easily determined, submit the data to IBM Software Support.

Before you begin

These steps assume that you have obtained the files described in Collecting data for installation problems.


  1. Ensure that you are looking at the appropriate installation log file. Check the file's creation date, or the timestamp included in the file name (on Windows operating systems).
  2. Determine whether the installation completed successfully.
    • On Windows operating systems, success is indicated by a message similar to the following at the bottom of the installation log file:
      Property(C): INSTALL_RESULT = Setup Complete Successfully
      === Logging stopped: 6/21/2006  16:03:09 ===
      MSI (c) (34:38) [16:03:09:109]: 
      Product: Db2 Enterprise Server Edition - DB2COPY1 -- Installation operation 
      completed successfully.
    • On Linux® and UNIX operating systems, success is indicated by a message at the bottom of the installation log file (the one named db2setup.log by default).
  3. OPTIONAL: Determine whether any errors occurred. If the installation completed successfully, but you received an error message during the installation process, locate these errors in the installation log file.
    • On Windows operating systems, most errors will be prefaced with "ERROR:" or "WARNING:". For example:
      1: ERROR:An error occurred while running the command 
      initialize and/or migrate the Db2 tools catalog database. 
      The return value is "4".
      1: WARNING:A minor error occurred while installing "Db2 Enterprise Server 
      Edition - DB2COPY1" on this computer. Some features may not function 
    • On Linux and UNIX operating systems, a file with a default name of db2setup.err will be present if any errors were returned by Java™ (for example, exceptions and trap information).

    If you had enabled an installation trace, there will be more entries in the installation log files and the entries will be more detailed.


If analyzing this data does not help you to resolve your problem, and if you have a maintenance contract with IBM Software Support, you can open a problem report. IBM Software Support will ask you to submit any data that you have collected, and they might also ask you about any analysis that you performed.

What to do next

If your investigation has not solved the problem, submit the data to IBM Software Support.