Adding a netname to a cluster caching facility

You can add netname adapters to a cluster caching facility (CF) without bringing down the entire Db2® pureScale® cluster.

Before you begin

You must already have at least one existing CF.

About this task

Adding CFs can be performed online without having to bring down the entire Db2 pureScale cluster. You can add netname adapters to CFs while the cluster is running, but to add the netname adapter to each CF, the CF must be stopped.


To add a netname adapter to a Db2 pureScale CF:

  1. Install the extra adapters in the CF hosts and ensure cabling and configuration, and RDMA connectivity to all members is correct.
  2. Upgrade the secondary CF first. Stop the CF by running the db2stop command.
    db2stop cf <cf_ID>
  3. Run the db2iupdt -update command against the target CF specifying the list of netnames. This list must include the current netnames and the new netnames.
    For example, an existing CF on host CF1_Hostname has netnames CF1-Netname1 and CF1-Netname2. This CF is being updated to use CF1-Netname1, CF1-Netname2, CF1-Netname3, and CF1-Netname4. In this case, enter:
    db2iupdt -update -cf CF1-Hostname -cfnet CF1-Netname1,CF1-Netname2,CF1-Netname3,CF1-Netname4 db2inst 
    where db2inst is the instance name
  4. Restart the target CF by running the db2start command.
    db2start cf <cf_ID>
  5. Ensure that the secondary CF is in peer state.
  6. To initiate failover, stop the primary CF and ensure the old secondary has taken over primary role by running the db2instance -list command.
  7. Update the netnames of the stopped CF with the db2iupdt -update command.
  8. Restart the stopped CF (which is now the secondary CF). Both CFs have now been updated to use extra netname adapters.
  9. For all members to establish connections to all adapter on the CF, each member must be stopped and started.