Sending information to IBM Support

You can submit data to IBM® Support by FTP or by using the case tool.

Before you begin

The steps assume that you have already opened a case with IBM Support.

Before contacting IBM Support, your company must have an active IBM software maintenance contract, and you must be authorized to submit problems to IBM. For information about the types of maintenance contracts available, see IBM Support Offerings.

IBM applies the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy globally to all customers for diagnostic data that is uploaded for your support cases. To comply with data protection requirements, all diagnostic data must be uploaded to IBM using approved methods to our GDPR-compliant Enhanced Customer Data Repository or to the IBM Blue Diamond Repository. The IBM Blue Diamond Repository provides customers with a secure location for uploading private and confidential data received from Health Care Providers. The article, GDPR-related Changes to ECuRep and Testcase FTP File Uploads, lists changes that were made to our systems and process.

For more information on IBM's privacy policy, refer to the IBM Privacy Statement.
Attention: The upload for this most sensitive confidential information is only for customers that have registered for this service and who have a login for the Blue Diamond repository. The diagnostic data can be securely uploaded to the Blue Diamond repository through the Blue Diamond Registration Portal.

About this task

You can send diagnostic data, such as log files and configuration files, to IBM Support using one of several methods, including:
  • FTP
  • Creating a case through the IBM Support website

These and other data exchange methods that might be available are explained on the IBM Support website.


For information on how to send data to the IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep), see Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Send data

What to do next

For more information about the EcuRep service, see IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository

For information on working with cases, see the IBM Support Site Getting Started Guide.