Health indicator format

A description of the data collected by the health indicator.

The documentation for health indicators is described in a standard format as follows:
The name of the health indicator. This identifier is used for configuration from the CLP.
Health monitor level
The level at which the health indicator is captured by the health monitor.
The category for the health indicator.
The type of the health indicator. There are four possible values for type:
  • Upper-bounded threshold-based, where the progression to an alert is: Normal, Warning, Alarm
  • Lower-bounded threshold-based
  • State-based, where one state is normal and all others are non-normal
  • Collection state-based, where the state is based on the aggregation of states from objects in the collection
The unit of the data measured in the health indicator, such as percentage. This is not applicable for state-based or collection state-based health indicators.