Troubleshooting data inconsistencies

Diagnosing where data inconsistencies exist within the database is very important. One way to determine data inconsistencies is to use the output from the INSPECT command to identify where a problem exists. When inconsistencies are found, you will have to decide how to deal with the problem.

Once you have determined that there is a data consistency problem, you have two options:
  • Contact IBM Software Support and ask for their assistance in recovering from the data inconsistency
  • Drop and rebuild the database object that has the data consistency problem.

You will use the INSPECT CHECK variation from the INSPECT command to check the database, table space, or table that has evidence of a data inconsistency. Once the results of the INSPECT CHECK command are produced, you should format the inspection results using the db2inspf command.

If the INSPECT command does not finish, then contact IBM Software Support.