Stopping Db2 processes during a response file installation (Windows)

If any Db2 processes are running when you issue the Db2 setup command, you cannot install your Db2 product. You must stop the Db2 processes before beginning the response file installation.

About this task

You must exercise extreme caution when you stop active Db2 processes because the termination of a Db2 process can cause the loss of data.

To lessen the risk of data loss during Db2 product installation, you should issue the db2stop command for each instance and close any applications accessing Db2 data. If you do not stop all Db2 instances and applications, your existing Db2 data might be lost or corrupted during the installation process.

For a response file installation, you can use either of the following methods to stop any active Db2 processes. If you specify either of these options, the active Db2 processes are stopped before the installation proceeds.


  • Specify the /F option for the setup command.
  • Set the KILL_PROCESSES keyword to YES (the default is NO).