Db2 pureScale environment in a virtual environment (Linux)

If you install the Db2 pureScale environment in a virtual environment, you gain the flexibility to create multiple Db2 pureScale configurations for use in your testing and educational environments. You can also use this flexibility in technical demonstrations.

Db2 pureScale virtualization architecture

In the Db2 pureScale virtualization architecture, the guest virtual machine (VM) contains the Db2 pureScale member or cluster caching facility (CF). You can also configure the VM to use IBM Spectrum Scale.
Figure 1. Db2 pureScale virtualization architecture
An image showing the Db2 pureScale virtualization architecture

A Db2 pureScale cluster is typically configured to run in a multiple physical server environment to take advantage of the high availability and scalability features. However, it is possible to configure a Db2 pureScale instance to run in a single physical server environment for testing and demonstration purposes. In a single physical server environment, you can use local disks to host theDb2 pureScale instance.

If you have a multiple physical server environment, you should use two Ethernet networks:
  • A high-bandwidth Ethernet network as a private network for communication between the members and the CFs
  • An Ethernet network as a public network for remote client application connectivity

You must use storage area network (SAN) storage in a multiple physical server environment.

Note: If you use multiple physical servers in a VMware environment to host the VMs of a Db2 pureScale cluster, you can have only a single VM per physical server, per instance. This is due to each raw device mapping (RDM) disk can only be assigned to one virtual machine per physical server.