XML schema for the STMTPROFILE element

The STMTPROFILE element defines a statement profile within an optimization profile.

It is defined by the complex type statementProfileType.
XML Schema

   <xs:complexType name="statementProfileType">
         <xs:element name="STMTMATCH" type="stmtMatchType" minOccurs="0"/>
         <xs:element name="STMTKEY" type="statementKeyType"/>
         <xs:element name="OPTGUIDELINES" type="optGuidelinesType"/>
      <xs:attribute name="ID" type="xs:string" use="optional"/>


A statement profile specifies optimization guidelines for a particular statement, and includes the following parts:
  • Statement matching

    The statements in an optimization profile are either exactly or inexactly matched to the statement or statements that are compiled. The value of the STMTMATCH attribute represents which matching method is applied.

  • Statement key

    An optimization profile can be in effect for more than one statement in an application. Using the statement key, the optimizer automatically matches each statement profile to a corresponding statement in the application. This matching provides optimization guidelines for a statement without editing the application. The statement key includes the text of the statement (as written in the application), as well as other information that is needed to unambiguously identify the correct statement. The STMTKEY subelement represents the statement key.

  • Statement-level optimization guidelines

    This part of the statement profile specifies the optimization guidelines in effect for the statement that is identified by the statement key. For information, see XML schema for the statement-level OPTGUIDELINES element.

  • Statement profile name

    A user-specified name that appears in diagnostic output to identify a particular statement profile.