IN-LIST-to-join query rewrite requests

A INLIST2JOIN query rewrite request element can be used to enable or disable the IN-LIST predicate-to-join rewrite transformation. It can be specified as a statement-level optimization guideline or a predicate-level optimization guideline. In the latter case, only one guideline per query can be enabled. The INLIST2JOIN request element is defined by the complex type inListToJoinType.

XML Schema

   <xs:complexType name="inListToJoinType">
      <xs:attribute name="OPTION" type="optionType" use="optional" default="ENABLE"/>
      <xs:attribute name="TABLE"  type="xs:string"  use="optional"/>
      <xs:attribute name="COLUMN" type="xs:string"  use="optional"/>


The INLIST2JOIN query rewrite request element has three optional attributes and no sub-elements. The OPTION attribute can take the value ENABLE (default) or DISABLE. The TABLE and COLUMN attributes are used to specify an IN-LIST predicate. If these attributes are not specified, or are specified with an empty string () value, the guideline is handled as a statement-level guideline. If one or both of these attributes are specified, it is handled as a predicate-level guideline. If the TABLE attribute is not specified, or is specified with an empty string value, but the COLUMN attribute is specified, the optimization guideline is ignored and SQL0437W with reason code 13 is returned.