Limitations to Microsoft Entity Framework support

There are known limitations to Microsoft Entity Framework support for the IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET.

The following limitations apply:
General limitations:
  • Code First support of Entity Framework is enabled for Db2 for LUW servers.
  • Invocation of store-specific functions is not supported.
  • Trusted context connection properties that you set in the Server Explorer Add Connection dialog are not passed to Entity Framework connections.
Db2® for z/OS® server-specific limitations:
  • Data type REAL is not supported. Applications must either use the FLOAT data type in the schema of the table or specify the type as FLOAT in the client schema (entity data model) even if the type on the server is REAL.
Informix Dynamic Servers
  • Server-side pagination is not supported.

For information about Entity Framework limitations that are associated with updating the database model, see the troubleshooting technote.