Applying test fixes

A test fix is a temporary fix that is supplied to specific customers for testing in response to a reported problem. A Readme file accompanies every test fix. The test fix Readme file provides instructions for installing and uninstalling the test fix, and a list of the APARs (if any) included in the test fix.

Before you begin

Each test fix has specific prerequisites. Refer to the Readme file that accompanies the test fix for details.

About this task

There are two types of test fixes:
  • A test fix for an individual Db2® product. These test fixes can be applied on an existing installation of the product, or can be used to perform a full product installation where there is no existing Db2 installation.
  • Universal test fixes (Linux® and UNIX only). A universal test fix services installations where more than one Db2 product has been installed.

If national languages have been installed, you might also require a separate national language test fix. The national language test fix can only be applied if it is at the same test fix level as the installed Db2 product. If you are applying a universal test fix, you must apply both the universal test fix and the national language test fix to update the Db2 products.


Obtain the test fix from IBM Software Support and follow the instructions in the Readme file with respect to installing, testing and removing (if necessary) the test fix.

When installing a test fix in a multi-partition database partition environment, the system must be offline and all computers participating in the instance must be upgraded to the same test fix level.