Setting the error capture level of the diagnostic log files

The Db2® diagnostic (db2diag) log files are files that contain text information logged by Db2 database systems. This information is used for troubleshooting and much of it is primarily intended for IBM Software Support.

About this task

The types of diagnostic errors that are recorded in the db2diag log files are determined by the diaglevel database manager configuration parameter setting.


  • To check the current setting, issue the command GET DBM CFG.
    Look for the following variable:
    Diagnostic error capture level              (DIAGLEVEL) = 3
  • To change the value dynamically, use the UPDATE DBM CFG command.
    To change a database manager configuration parameter online:
    db2 attach to instance-name
    db2 update dbm cfg using parameter-name value
    db2 detach
    For example:

    where X is the notification level you want.

    If you are diagnosing a problem that can be reproduced, IBM Software Support personnel might suggest that you use diaglevel 4 while performing troubleshooting.