Frequently asked questions about response file installation problems with the Db2 pureScale Feature

Use this topic to help you resolve response file problems during installation.

Where is the generated response file saved?

By default, the response file generated by the Db2 Setup wizard or the Db2 Instance wizard is saved in the DB2DIR/tmp/ directory with the name db2ese_dsf.rsp. DB2DIR represents the installation location of your Db2 copy.

You can specify the name and location of the response file in the Response file name field of the "Select installation, response file creation, or both" Panel of the Db2 Setup wizard or the Db2 Instance wizard. You should save the response file from a host that will be designated a Db2 member.

Where can I find the IBM Db2 pureScale Feature sample response file?

The Db2 pureScale Feature sample response file, db2dsf.rsp, is located in DB2DIR/install/db2/platform/samples directory, where platform refers to the appropriate operating system.

Which keywords are mandatory for a Db2 pureScale Feature installation?

The Db2 pureScale Feature release introduced new keywords some of which are mandatory depending on the environment you want to create. Review the list of keywords to determine which keys are mandatory for your environment. See the "Response file keywords" topic for more details.