Installing a Db2 pureScale environment (AIX)

Installing the Db2 pureScale Feature in AIX® operating systems requires that you perform several tasks.

About this task

Installing a Db2 pureScale environment is a complex procedure because it requires an extensive environment setup in addition to installing the software. It is essential to write an installation plan that includes all of the steps specified in this task.


To install the Db2 pureScale Feature on AIX operating systems:

  1. Write a plan with all the tasks and details.
  2. Perform the required prerequisite and preinstallation tasks that you specified in your plan.
  3. Perform one of the installation methods that you chose in your plan:
  4. Perform the required post-installation tasks that you indicated in your plan including, verifying your installation.
  5. Perform any of the optional tasks that you indicated in your plan.

What to do next

After you complete the installation, you can start creating and using databases in your Db2 pureScale environment.