Getting started with the Db2 pureScale Feature

The IBM Db2 pureScale Feature greatly simplifies the deployment of an inherently complex distributed database environment. All software components are installed and configured for you from a single host.
A single invocation of the wizard from the installation-initiating host installs all of the components of the Db2 pureScale Feature across all hosts that you specify as part of the Db2 pureScale environment. All software components, including the following ones, are integrated tightly into the Db2 pureScale Feature:
  • Db2 members
  • The cluster caching facilities
  • Db2 cluster services instance management software, which is based on IBM Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms
  • The cluster file system, which is based on Spectrum Scale
The Db2 documentation provides more information about the underlying Db2 pureScale components, but you do not need to be closely familiar with them to deploy the feature. What is important is that you meet the installation prerequisites before you run the setup wizard.
Figure 1. Installation of the Db2 pureScale Feature from the installation-initiating host (1) across all hosts (1 - 6) that is part of the Db2 pureScale environment.
The Db2 pureScale Feature is installed across multiple components in sequence. All software components are installed and configured from one host.

The installation process automatically creates the Db2 instance and configures all of the software components according to tested best practices. No additional user scripting or configuration is necessary. The first time that you start the instance, all benefits of the Db2 pureScale Feature are available.

The fix pack installation process for the Db2 pureScale Feature follows the same well-conceived paradigm of simplicity: Fix packs include all necessary updates for all of the components that are integrated into the feature, so multiple software installations and upgrades are not necessary. The upgrade process does not to affect database availability.