Call level interface (CLI) driver enhancements for Db2 11.5.9

The CLI driver contains performance and usability enhancements for the Db2 11.5.9 mod pack release.

11.5.9 enhancements

The Db2 11.5.9 release includes the following enhancements and new capabilities for the CLI driver:
Table 1. CLI enhancements and new capabilities in Db2 11.5.9
Enhancement Description
Enhancements to the db2cli tool now puts connection validation right in the connection string.

The db2cli tool has been enhanced to support a new option -connstring with the db2cli validate command.

By using the -connstring option with the validate command, you can now validate a database connection with just the supplied connection string. You no longer need to configure the db2dsdriver.cfg file or db2cli.ini file with additional keywords: validation is all done by passing just one connection string option.

In previous versions of the db2cli tool, to verify a connection that used Transport Layer Security (TLS), a user needed to add values to the db2dsdiver.cfg file for properties like Security and SSLServerCertificate to verify connectivity. With this new option, you can verify a TLS connection by using a single command in the connection string itself.

For more information, see db2cli - Db2 interactive CLI command.

Improved processing of large db2dsdriver.cfg files by the ODBC/CLI driver. The ODBC/CLI driver can now process a large db2dsdriver.cfg file in less time. Performance improvements of up to 95% are now possible when processing the db2dsdriver.cfg file with the ODBC/CLI driver and Db2 Command Line Processor. This improvement results in faster connections with the database server when working with a large db2dsdriver.cfg file.