Running the IBM Db2 REST server without HTTPS

For environments where the risk of outside access is low, you can run your IBM® Db2® REST server using HTTP only.

About this task

You disable the use of HTTPS when you start the IBM Db2 REST service container from the command line.
Note: Disabling HTTPS impacts the security of the IBM Db2 REST service and should only be done in an environment where the server is in a segregated environment where access is controlled.


Add the following entry to your docker run command after the -e LICENSE=view specification:


For Linux:

docker run -it --net=host -e LICENSE=view -e DB2REST_USE_HTTP=true --name=db2rest
For Windows and Mac OS X:
docker run -it --hostname=<Your REST server hostname> -p 50050:50050 -e LICENSE=view -e DB2REST_USE_HTTP=true --name=db2rest