Activity monitor elements

Activity monitor elements, also known as activity metrics, are a subset of request monitor elements. Use activity metrics to monitor the subset of data server processing related to executing activities, especially processing done to execute SQL statement sections.

Request monitor elements monitor the complete volume of work and effort expended by the data server to process application requests. Activity monitor elements monitor the work done to execute SQL statement sections, including locking, sorting, and row processing.

To access the current values for activity monitor elements, use the following table functions:
Returns details about one or more activities in progress. Specify the activities of interest in the input parameters. Data returned includes activity metric monitor elements, many other monitor elements, and statement text. Data is returned in XML format.
Returns details for some or all SQL statement sections in the database package cache, which includes both static and dynamic SQL statements. Data returned includes activity metric monitor elements aggregated over all executions of the section since it was added to the package cache. Data is returned in a relational form.

Use the activity event monitor to access historical data about activities. This monitor captures data for each execution of each activity. The activity event monitor captures the same activity monitor elements as the MON_GET_ACTIVITY_DETAILS table function. It also captures some additional information.