XML schema for the STMTKEY element

The STMTKEY element enables the optimizer to match a statement profile to a corresponding statement in an application.

It is defined by the complex type statementKeyType.
XML Schema

   <xs:complexType name="statementKeyType" mixed="true">
      <xs:attribute name="SCHEMA" type="xs:string" use="optional"/>
      <xs:attribute name="FUNCPATH" type="xs:string" use="optional"/>


The optional SCHEMA attribute can be used to specify the default schema part of the statement key.

The optional FUNCPATH attribute can be used to specify the function path part of the statement key. Multiple paths must be separated by commas, and the specified function paths must match exactly the function paths that are specified in the compilation key.


The following example shows a statement key definition that associates a particular statement with a default schema of 'COLLEGE' and a function path of 'SYSIBM,SYSFUN,SYSPROC,DAVE'.
      <![CDATA[select * from orders" where foo(orderkey) > 20]]>
CDATA tagging (starting with <![CDATA[ and ending with ]]>) is necessary because the statement text contains the special XML character '>'.