Call level interface (CLI) driver enhancements

The CLI driver contains a number of major enhancements for the Db2 11.5 base product, its mod packs, and its fix packs. Each fix pack for a release is cumulative; that is, a particular fix pack contains the enhancements and new features that were included in previous fix packs.

11.5 enhancements

The Db2 11.5 release includes the following enhancements and new capabilities for the CLI driver:
Table 1. CLI enhancements and new capabilities in 11.5
Enhancement Description
Data movement using cliload with an External Table cliload now has the capability to trigger load through an External Tables interface.
Generate unique utility id for zload Enhance the Utility ID generation for zLoad.
db2dsdriver.cfg support in MS ODBC Administrator Enable reading and writing in db2dsdriver.cfg from MS ODBC Administrator.
Enhancement to the WLB/ACR algorithm The WLB algorithm is enhanced for improved workload distribution. Route to the group IP address in case of failover.
Server side enablement of WLB/ACR for Db2 pureScale server WLB/ACR can be triggered by setting the Member subset attribute in the server.