CLI driver enhancements

The CLI driver contains a number of major enhancements in Db2 version 11.5.4.

Attention: The enhancements in this topic are included in the Db2 11.5.4 mod pack release, which is available for the following products:

11.5.4 enhancements

The Db2 11.5.4 release includes the following enhancements and new capabilities for the CLI driver:
Table 1. CLI driver enhancements and new capabilities in 11.5.4
Enhancement Description
IBM® Db2 Data Server Driver RPM install for Linux and AIX IBM Db2 Data Server Driver Package is available as *.rpm package for Linux and AIX systems.
IBM ODBC/CLI Driver for Microsoft Nano Server An ODBC/CLI driver can now be used on Windows Nano Server. This ODBC/CLI driver will only be available on windows 64-bit.
Support LOBFileThreshold connection string keyword through a SQLSetConnAttr A new connection attribute SQL_ATTR_LOB_FILE_THRESHOLD has been introduced and can be configured through SQLSetConnAttr () API to any positive integer. The value configured can be retrieved using SQLGetConnAttr () API.
Capability to enable/disable db2trc using db2dsdriver.cfg configuration file SwitchDb2trace is a new db2dsdriver.cfg keyword which enables the ODBC/CLI and open source applications to turn on and off the db2trace.
ODBC/CLI trace header updated to reflect the hostname/IP Address of system on which the application is running If CLI trace is generated using the db2trc command, a line for Hostname will be added in the ODBC/CLI Trace Header Info. The value of Hostname would be the current system hostname. If the CLI driver is unable to find the hostname of the system, then the value for “Hostname” would be the IP Address of the system.
New db2dsdriver.cfg keyword EnableET for instance-based ODBC/CLI driver EnableET is a new db2dsdriver.cfg keyword that allows the ODBC/CLI driver of instance-based clients to use External Table-based implementation of cliload instead of traditional db2load implementation. For dsdriver and clidriver installations this keyword is not required as only External Table based implementation of cliload is available for instance less clients.
Support db2dsdriver.cfg for User Level DSN in Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator GUI In Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator on Windows, when a user creates a User DSN along with parameters available under Advanced Settings tab of CLI/ODBC Settings for IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER, the DSN and parameter information is saved in the user level db2dsdriver.cfg file, instead of being saved to the user level db2cli.ini file. The information is added under the <dsncollection> section of the db2dsdriver.cfg.
JSON Web Token Support for Authentication ODBC/CLI driver is enhanced to support a new authentication mechanism using JSON Web Tokens for the Db2 server. A new connection string keyword ACCESSTOKENTYPE is introduced for JWT support. Also, an existing connection string/db2cli.ini/db2dsdriver.cfg keyword AUTHENTICATION is enhanced to accept “TOKEN” as a value.
IBM Db2Nosql/JSON Wire Listener Enhancement IBM JSON Wire Listener is enhanced to support the MongoDB clients of version 4.2. IBM JSON Wire Listener is enhanced to support the SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication mechanism.