Call level interface (CLI) driver enhancements

The CLI driver contains a number of major enhancements for the Db2 11.5.8 base product, its mod packs, and its fix packs. Each fix pack for a release is cumulative; that is, a particular fix pack contains the enhancements and new features that were included in previous fix packs.

11.5.8 enhancements

The Db2 11.5.8 release includes the following enhancements and new capabilities for the CLI driver:
Table 1. CLI enhancements and new capabilities in Db2 11.5.8
Enhancement Description
BOOLEAN support for Db2 for IBM i (V7R5) With the release of Db2 11.5.8, the Db2 CLI driver now provides Boolean flag enablement to support BOOLEAN data types against Db2 for IBM i V7R5 servers.
Prior to this release, the Db2 CLI driver sent the two-byte integer datatype to IBM i. By enabling the Boolean flag, the CLI driver can now interact over DRDA with IBM i V7R4 and earlier servers in the same way as it does with Db2 11.1 and later servers.
Mapping of Seamless Failover error codes to a communication error Error codes that are generated when failed SQL statements cannot be seamlessly replayed can now be rerouted to avoid application failure.
The Db2 CLI driver supports seamless failover of SQL statements by reestablishing a connection and replaying the failed SQL statements and any necessary special registers. But there are scenarios where SQL statements cannot be seamlessly replayed. This results in the CLI driver sending error codes to the application, and the application then replaying the failing SQL statements. Some of the error codes thrown at application in case of non-seamless failover include the following:
  • SQL30108N – Non-seamless failover
  • SQL20542N – Seamless failover unsuccessful
When the Db2 CLI driver is not able to do seamless failover, it throws different error codes. Some of the applications are not coded today to handle these seamless failover error codes (SQL30108N, SQL20542N). This causes application outages.
Customers already have the application code to reconnect and rerun SQL statements when a communication error (SQL30081N) is hit. With the release of Db2 11.5.8, this reconnecting now throws a communication error instead of seamless failover errors, so that applications can continue to work.
For more information, see the enableSeamlessFailoverErrorCodes keyword.
New connection property for enhanced query performance The Db2 CLI/ODBC driver code has been enhanced to let users set the maximum number of extra query blocks at the client side. This change has resulted in the creation of a new statement attribute, CLI/ODBC configuration keyword, and IBM data server driver configuration keyword.
Improved control when loading GSKit libraries from a Db2 application. The new Db2 Data Server Driver configuration keyword, ClientGSKitLocation, can be used to control whether an application loads GSKit libraries from a global location or the local location of the GSKit libraries that come bundled with Db2. This setting only affects the Client-side of Db2.