ssl_svr_label - Label in the key file for incoming SSL connections at the server configuration parameter

This configuration parameter specifies a label of the personal certificate of the server in the key database.

Starting in Db2® 11.5.2, this parameter can be configured online. Db2 uses the server certificate specified by the new value of this configuration parameter for any connections made after the change occurs. Existing connections use the previous server certificate until those connections are closed.

Configuration type
Database manager
Applies to
  • Database server with local and remote clients
  • Database server with local clients
  • Partitioned database server with local and remote clients
Parameter type
Configurable online
Propagation class

By default, the value is null. When establishing a SSL connection, the server certificate specified by this configuration parameter is sent to the client for server authentication. If the value is null, the default certificate defined in the key file is used. If the default does not exist, the connection fails.

Note: To update the value of SSL_SVR_LABEL while the instance is running, an instance attachment must be done before issuing the UPDATE DBM CFG command. Reference ATTACH command for more information.