Information written to relational tables by EVMON_FORMAT_UE_TO_TABLES for a package cache event monitor

Information written for a package cache event monitor from the EVMON_FORMAT_UE_TO_TABLES table function. This is also documented in the DB2EvmonPkgCache.xsd file.
Table 1. Information returned for a locking event monitor: Table name: PKGCACHE_EVENT
Column Name Data Type Description
XMLID VARCHAR(256 OCTETS) NOT NULL xmlid - XML ID monitor element
EVENT_ID BIGINT NOT NULL event_id - Event ID monitor element
EVENT_TYPE VARCHAR(128 OCTETS) NOT NULL event_type - Event Type monitor element
EVENT_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP NOT NULL event_timestamp - Event timestamp monitor element
MEMBER SMALLINT NOT NULL member - Database member monitor element
SECTION_TYPE CHAR(1 OCTETS) section_type - Section type indicator monitor element
INSERT_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP insert_timestamp - Insert timestamp monitor element
EXECUTABLE_ID VARCHAR(32 OCTETS) FOR BIT DATA executable_id - Executable ID monitor element
PACKAGE_SCHEMA VARCHAR(128 OCTETS) package_schema - Package schema monitor element
PACKAGE_NAME VARCHAR(128 OCTETS) package_name - Package name monitor element
PACKAGE_VERSION_ID VARCHAR(64 OCTETS) package_version_id - Package version monitor element
SECTION_NUMBER BIGINT section_number - Section number monitor element
EFFECTIVE_ISOLATION CHAR(2 OCTETS) effective_isolation - Effective isolation monitor element
NUM_EXECUTIONS BIGINT num_executions - Statement executions monitor element
NUM_EXEC_WITH_METRICS BIGINT num_exec_with_metrics - Number of executions with metrics collected monitor element
PREP_TIME BIGINT prep_time - Preparation time monitor element
LAST_METRICS_UPDATE TIMESTAMP last_metrics_update - Metrics last update timestamp monitor element
NUM_COORD_EXEC BIGINT num_coord_exec - Number of executions by coordinator agent monitor element
NUM_COORD_EXEC_WITH_METRICS BIGINT num_coord_exec_with_metrics - Number of executions by coordinator agent with metrics monitor element
STMT_TYPE_ID VARCHAR(32 OCTETS) stmt_type_id - Statement type identifier monitor element
QUERY_COST_ESTIMATE BIGINT query_cost_estimate - Query cost estimate monitor element
STMT_PKG_CACHE_ID BIGINT stmt_pkg_cache_id - Statement package cache identifier monitor element
STMT_TEXT CLOB(2M OCTETS) stmt_text - SQL statement text monitor element
COMP_ENV_DESC BLOB(10K) comp_env_desc - Compilation environment monitor element
METRICS BLOB(1M) XML document containing metrics-related monitor elements. The metrics in this document are the same as those described in the PKGCACHE_METRICS table that appears later in this topic. See Interfaces that return monitor data in XML documents for more information.
SECTION_ENV BLOB(150M) section_env - Section environment monitor element
ROUTINE_ID BIGINT routine_id - Routine ID monitor element
QUERY_DATA_TAG_LIST VARCHAR(32 OCTETS) query_data_tag_list - Estimated query data tag list monitor element
TOTAL_STATS_FABRICATION_TIME BIGINT total_stats_fabrication_time - Total statistics fabrication time monitor element
TOTAL_STATS_FABRICATIONS BIGINT total_stats_fabrications - Total statistics fabrications monitor elements
TOTAL_SYNC_RUNSTATS_TIME BIGINT total_sync_runstats_time - Total synchronous RUNSTATS time monitor elements
TOTAL_SYNC_RUNSTATS BIGINT total_sync_runstats - Total synchronous RUNSTATS activities monitor element
MAX_COORD_STMT_EXEC_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP max_coord_stmt_exec_timestamp - Maximum coordinator statement execution timestamp monitor element
MAX_COORD_STMT_EXEC_TIME BIGINT max_coord_stmt_exec_time - Maximum coordinator statement execution time monitor element
STMTNO INTEGER stmtno - Statement number monitor element
NUM_ROUTINES INTEGER num_routines - Number of routines monitor element
STMTID BIGINT stmtid - Query statement ID monitor element
PLANID BIGINT planid - Query plan ID monitor element
PREP_WARNING INTEGER prep_warning - Prepare warning SQLCODE monitor element
PREP_WARNING_REASON INTEGER prep_warning_reason - Prepare warning SQLCODE reason identifier monitor element
SEMANTIC_ENV_ID BIGINT semantic_env_id - Query semantic compilation environment ID monitor element
ACTIVE_HASH_GRPBYS_TOP BIGINT active_hash_grpbys_top - Active hash GROUP BY operations high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_HASH_JOINS_TOP BIGINT active_hash_joins_top - Active hash join operations high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_OLAP_FUNCS_TOP BIGINT active_olap_funcs_top - Active OLAP function operations high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_PEAS_TOP BIGINT active_peas_top - Active partial early aggregation operations high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_PEDS_TOP BIGINT active_peds_top - Active partial early distinct operations high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_SORT_CONSUMERS_TOP BIGINT active_sort_consumers_top - Active sort memory consumers high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_SORTS_TOP BIGINT active_sorts_top - Active sorts high watermark monitor element
ACTIVE_COL_VECTOR_CONSUMERS_TOP BIGINT active_col_vector_consumers_top - Active columnar vector memory consumers high watermark monitor element
SORT_CONSUMER_HEAP_TOP BIGINT sort_consumer_heap_top - Individual private sort heap consumer high watermark monitor element
SORT_CONSUMER_SHRHEAP_TOP BIGINT sort_consumer_shrheap_top - Individual shared sort heap consumer high watermark monitor element
SORT_HEAP_TOP BIGINT sort_heap_top - Sort private heap high watermark monitor element
SORT_SHRHEAP_TOP BIGINT) ORGANIZE BY ROW sort_shrheap_top - Sort share heap high watermark monitor element
Table 2. Information returned for a package cache event monitor: Table name: PKGCACHE_METRICS. The metrics in this table are the same as those returned in the METRICS monitor element in the PKGCACHE_EVENT table
Column Name Data Type Description
XMLID VARCHAR(256 OCTETS) NOT NULL xmlid - XML ID monitor element
TOTAL_ACT_TIME BIGINT total_act_time - Total activity time monitor element
TOTAL_ACT_WAIT_TIME BIGINT total_act_wait_time - Total activity wait time monitor element
TOTAL_CPU_TIME BIGINT total_cpu_time - Total CPU time monitor element
POOL_READ_TIME BIGINT pool_read_time - Total buffer pool physical read time monitor element
POOL_WRITE_TIME BIGINT pool_write_time - Total buffer pool physical write time monitor element
DIRECT_READ_TIME BIGINT direct_read_time - Direct read time monitor element
DIRECT_WRITE_TIME BIGINT direct_write_time - Direct write time monitor element
LOCK_WAIT_TIME BIGINT lock_wait_time - Time waited on locks monitor element
TOTAL_SECTION_SORT_TIME BIGINT total_section_sort_time - Total section sort time monitor element
TOTAL_SECTION_SORT_PROC_TIME BIGINT total_section_sort_proc_time - Total section sort processing time monitor element
TOTAL_SECTION_SORTS BIGINT total_section_sorts - Total section sorts monitor element
LOCK_ESCALS BIGINT lock_escals - Number of lock escalations monitor element
LOCK_WAITS BIGINT lock_waits - Lock waits monitor element
ROWS_MODIFIED BIGINT rows_modified - Rows modified monitor element
ROWS_READ BIGINT rows_read - Rows read monitor element
ROWS_RETURNED BIGINT rows_returned - Rows returned monitor element
DIRECT_READS BIGINT direct_reads - Direct reads from database monitor element
DIRECT_READ_REQS BIGINT direct_read_reqs - Direct read requests monitor element
DIRECT_WRITES BIGINT direct_writes - Direct writes to database monitor element
DIRECT_WRITE_REQS BIGINT direct_write_reqs - Direct write requests monitor element
POOL_DATA_L_READS BIGINT pool_data_l_reads - Buffer pool data logical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_DATA_L_READS BIGINT pool_temp_data_l_reads - Buffer pool temporary data logical reads monitor element
POOL_XDA_L_READS BIGINT pool_xda_l_reads - Buffer pool XDA data logical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_XDA_L_READS BIGINT pool_temp_xda_l_reads - Buffer pool temporary XDA data logical reads monitor element
POOL_INDEX_L_READS BIGINT pool_index_l_reads - Buffer pool index logical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_INDEX_L_READS BIGINT pool_temp_index_l_reads - Buffer pool temporary index logical reads monitor element
POOL_DATA_P_READS BIGINT pool_data_p_reads - Buffer pool data physical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_DATA_P_READS BIGINT pool_temp_data_p_reads - Buffer pool temporary data physical reads monitor element
POOL_XDA_P_READS BIGINT pool_xda_p_reads - Buffer pool XDA data physical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_XDA_P_READS BIGINT pool_temp_xda_p_reads - Buffer pool temporary XDA data physical reads monitor element
POOL_INDEX_P_READS BIGINT pool_index_p_reads - Buffer pool index physical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_INDEX_P_READS BIGINT pool_temp_index_p_reads - Buffer pool temporary index physical reads monitor element
POOL_DATA_WRITES BIGINT pool_data_writes - Buffer pool data writes monitor element
POOL_XDA_WRITES BIGINT pool_xda_writes - Buffer pool XDA data writes monitor element
POOL_INDEX_WRITES BIGINT pool_index_writes - Buffer pool index writes monitor element
TOTAL_SORTS BIGINT total_sorts - Total sorts monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_SORTS BIGINT post_threshold_sorts - Post threshold sorts monitor element
POST_SHRTHRESHOLD_SORTS BIGINT post_shrthreshold_sorts - Post shared threshold sorts monitor element
SORT_OVERFLOWS BIGINT sort_overflows - Sort overflows monitor element
WLM_QUEUE_TIME_TOTAL BIGINT wlm_queue_time_total - Workload manager total queue time monitor element
WLM_QUEUE_ASSIGNMENTS_TOTAL BIGINT wlm_queue_assignments_total - Workload manager total queue assignments monitor element
DEADLOCKS BIGINT deadlocks - Deadlocks detected monitor element
FCM_RECV_VOLUME BIGINT fcm_recv_volume - FCM received volume monitor element
FCM_RECVS_TOTAL BIGINT fcm_recvs_total - FCM receives total monitor element
FCM_SEND_VOLUME BIGINT fcm_send_volume - FCM send volume monitor element
FCM_SENDS_TOTAL BIGINT fcm_sends_total - FCM sends total monitor element
FCM_RECV_WAIT_TIME BIGINT fcm_recv_wait_time - FCM received wait time monitor element
FCM_SEND_WAIT_TIME BIGINT fcm_send_wait_time - FCM send wait time monitor element
LOCK_TIMEOUTS BIGINT lock_timeouts - Number of lock timeouts monitor element
LOG_BUFFER_WAIT_TIME BIGINT log_buffer_wait_time - Log buffer wait time monitor element
NUM_LOG_BUFFER_FULL BIGINT num_log_buffer_full - Number of times full log buffer caused agents to wait monitor element
LOG_DISK_WAIT_TIME BIGINT log_disk_wait_time - Log disk wait time monitor element
LOG_DISK_WAITS_TOTAL BIGINT log_disk_waits_total - Total log disk waits monitor element
TOTAL_ROUTINE_TIME BIGINT total_routine_time - Total routine time monitor element
TOTAL_ROUTINE_INVOCATIONS BIGINT total_routine_invocations - Total routine invocations monitor elements
COORD_STMT_EXEC_TIME BIGINT coord_stmt_exec_time - Execution time for statement by coordinator agent monitor element
STMT_EXEC_TIME BIGINT stmt_exec_time - Statement execution time monitor element
TOTAL_SECTION_TIME BIGINT total_section_time - Total section time monitor element
TOTAL_SECTION_PROC_TIME BIGINT total_section_proc_time - Total section processing time monitor element
TOTAL_ROUTINE_NON_SECT_TIME BIGINT total_routine_non_sect_time - Non-section routine execution time monitor elements
TOTAL_ROUTINE_NON_SECT_PROC_TIME BIGINT total_routine_non_sect_proc_time - Non-section processing time monitor element
FCM_TQ_RECV_WAIT_TIME BIGINT fcm_tq_recv_wait_time - FCM table queue received wait time monitor element
FCM_MESSAGE_RECV_WAIT_TIME BIGINT fcm_message_recv_wait_time - FCM message received wait time monitor element
FCM_TQ_SEND_WAIT_TIME BIGINT fcm_tq_send_wait_time - FCM table queue send wait time monitor element
FCM_MESSAGE_SEND_WAIT_TIME BIGINT fcm_message_send_wait_time - FCM message send wait time monitor element
AUDIT_FILE_WRITE_WAIT_TIME BIGINT audit_file_write_wait_time - Audit file write wait time monitor element
AUDIT_FILE_WRITES_TOTAL BIGINT audit_file_writes_total - Total audit files written monitor element
AUDIT_SUBSYSTEM_WAIT_TIME BIGINT audit_subsystem_wait_time - Audit subsystem wait time monitor element
AUDIT_SUBSYSTEM_WAITS_TOTAL BIGINT audit_subsystem_waits_total - Total audit subsystem waits monitor element
DIAGLOG_WRITE_WAIT_TIME BIGINT diaglog_write_wait_time - Diagnostic log file write wait time monitor element
DIAGLOG_WRITES_TOTAL BIGINT diaglog_writes_total - Total diagnostic log file writes monitor element
FCM_MESSAGE_SENDS_TOTAL BIGINT fcm_message_sends_total - Total FCM message sends monitor element
FCM_MESSAGE_RECVS_TOTAL BIGINT fcm_message_recvs_total - Total FCM message receives monitor element
FCM_MESSAGE_SEND_VOLUME BIGINT fcm_message_send_volume - FCM message send volume monitor element
FCM_MESSAGE_RECV_VOLUME BIGINT fcm_message_recv_volume - FCM message received volume monitor element
FCM_TQ_SENDS_TOTAL BIGINT fcm_tq_sends_total - FCM table queue send total monitor element
FCM_TQ_RECVS_TOTAL BIGINT fcm_tq_recvs_total - FCM table queue receives total monitor element
FCM_TQ_SEND_VOLUME BIGINT fcm_tq_send_volume - FCM table queue send volume monitor element
FCM_TQ_RECV_VOLUME BIGINT fcm_tq_recv_volume - FCM table queue received volume monitor element
TQ_TOT_SEND_SPILLS BIGINT tq_tot_send_spills - Total number of table queue buffers overflowed monitor element
AUDIT_EVENTS_TOTAL BIGINT audit_events_total - Total audit events monitor element
TOTAL_APP_SECTION_EXECUTIONS BIGINT total_app_section_executions - Total application section executions monitor element
TOTAL_ROUTINE_USER_CODE_PROC_TIME BIGINT total_routine_user_code_proc_time - Total routine user code processing time monitor element
TOTAL_ROUTINE_USER_CODE_TIME BIGINT total_routine_user_code_time - Total routine user code time monitor element
THRESH_VIOLATIONS BIGINT thresh_violations - Number of threshold violations monitor element
NUM_LW_THRESH_EXCEEDED BIGINT num_lw_thresh_exceeded - Number of lock wait thresholds exceeded monitor element
LOCK_WAITS_GLOBAL BIGINT lock_waits_global - Lock waits global monitor element
LOCK_WAIT_TIME_GLOBAL BIGINT lock_wait_time_global - Lock wait time global monitor element
LOCK_TIMEOUTS_GLOBAL BIGINT lock_timeouts_global - Lock timeouts global monitor element
LOCK_ESCALS_MAXLOCKS BIGINT lock_escals_maxlocks - Number of maxlocks lock escalations monitor element
LOCK_ESCALS_LOCKLIST BIGINT lock_escals_locklist - Number of locklist lock escalations monitor element
LOCK_ESCALS_GLOBAL BIGINT lock_escals_global - Number of global lock escalations monitor element
RECLAIM_WAIT_TIME BIGINT reclaim_wait_time - Reclaim wait time monitor element
SPACEMAPPAGE_RECLAIM_WAIT_TIME BIGINT spacemappage_reclaim_wait_time - Space map page reclaim wait time monitor element
CF_WAITS BIGINT cf_waits - Number of cluster caching facility waits monitor element
CF_WAIT_TIME BIGINT cf_wait_time - cluster caching facility wait time monitor element
POOL_DATA_GBP_L_READS BIGINT pool_data_gbp_l_reads - Group buffer pool data logical reads monitor element
POOL_DATA_GBP_P_READS BIGINT pool_data_gbp_p_reads - Group buffer pool data physical reads monitor element
POOL_DATA_LBP_PAGES_FOUND BIGINT pool_data_lbp_pages_found - Local buffer pool found data pages monitor element
POOL_DATA_GBP_INVALID_PAGES BIGINT pool_data_gbp_invalid_pages - Group buffer pool invalid data pages monitor element
POOL_INDEX_GBP_L_READS BIGINT pool_index_gbp_l_reads - Group buffer pool index logical reads monitor element
POOL_INDEX_GBP_P_READS BIGINT pool_index_gbp_p_reads - Group buffer pool index physical reads monitor elements
POOL_INDEX_LBP_PAGES_FOUND BIGINT pool_index_lbp_pages_found - Local buffer pool index pages found monitor element
POOL_INDEX_GBP_INVALID_PAGES BIGINT pool_index_gbp_invalid_pages - Group buffer pool invalid index pages monitor element
POOL_XDA_GBP_L_READS BIGINT pool_xda_gbp_l_reads - Group buffer pool XDA data logical read requests monitor element
POOL_XDA_GBP_P_READS BIGINT pool_xda_gbp_p_reads - Group buffer pool XDA data physical read requests monitor element
POOL_XDA_LBP_PAGES_FOUND BIGINT pool_xda_lbp_pages_found - Local buffer pool XDA data pages found monitor element
POOL_XDA_GBP_INVALID_PAGES BIGINT pool_xda_gbp_invalid_pages - Group buffer pool invalid XDA data pages monitor element
EVMON_WAIT_TIME BIGINT evmon_wait_time - Event monitor wait time monitor element
EVMON_WAITS_TOTAL BIGINT evmon_waits_total - Event monitor total waits monitor element
TOTAL_EXTENDED_LATCH_WAIT_TIME BIGINT total_extended_latch_wait_time - Total extended latch wait time monitor element
TOTAL_EXTENDED_LATCH_WAITS BIGINT total_extended_latch_waits - Total extended latch waits monitor element
TOTAL_DISP_RUN_QUEUE_TIME BIGINT total_disp_run_queue_time - Total dispatcher run queue time monitor element
TOTAL_PEDS BIGINT total_peds - Total partial early distincts monitor element
DISABLED_PEDS BIGINT disabled_peds - Disabled partial early distincts monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_PEDS BIGINT post_threshold_peds - Partial early distincts threshold monitor element
TOTAL_PEAS BIGINT total_peas - Total partial early aggregations monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_PEAS BIGINT post_threshold_peas - Partial early aggregation threshold monitor element
TQ_SORT_HEAP_REQUESTS BIGINT tq_sort_heap_requests - Table queue sort heap requests monitor element
TQ_SORT_HEAP_REJECTIONS BIGINT tq_sort_heap_rejections - Table queue sort heap rejections monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_DATA_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_data_reqs - Data prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_INDEX_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_index_reqs - Index prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_XDA_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_xda_reqs - XDA prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_DATA_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_data_reqs - Data prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_INDEX_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_index_reqs - Index prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_XDA_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_xda_reqs - XDA data prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_OTHER_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_other_reqs - Other requests handled by prefetchers monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_DATA_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_data_pages - Data pages prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_INDEX_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_index_pages - Index pages prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_XDA_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_xda_pages - XDA pages prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_DATA_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_data_pages - Data pages prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_INDEX_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_index_pages - Index pages prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_XDA_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_xda_pages - XDA data pages prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_DATA_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_data_reqs - Failed data prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_INDEX_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_index_reqs - Failed index prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_XDA_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_xda_reqs - Failed XDA prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_TEMP_DATA_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_temp_data_reqs - Failed data prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_TEMP_INDEX_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_temp_index_reqs - Failed index prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_TEMP_XDA_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_temp_xda_reqs - Failed XDA prefetch requests for temporary table spaces monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_OTHER_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_other_reqs - Failed non-prefetch requests monitor element
PREFETCH_WAIT_TIME BIGINT prefetch_wait_time - Time waited for prefetch monitor element
PREFETCH_WAITS BIGINT prefetch_waits - Prefetcher wait count monitor element
POOL_DATA_GBP_INDEP_PAGES_FOUND_IN_LBP BIGINT pool_data_gbp_indep_pages_found_in_lbp - Group buffer pool independent data pages found in local buffer pool monitor element
POOL_INDEX_GBP_INDEP_PAGES_FOUND_IN_LBP BIGINT pool_index_gbp_indep_pages_found_in_lbp - Group buffer pool independent index pages found in local buffer pool monitor element
POOL_XDA_GBP_INDEP_PAGES_FOUND_IN_LBP BIGINT pool_xda_gbp_indep_pages_found_in_lbp - Group buffer pool XDA independent pages found in local buffer pool monitor element
IDA_SEND_WAIT_TIME BIGINT ida_send_wait_time - Time spent waiting to send data monitor element
IDA_SENDS_TOTAL BIGINT ida_sends_total - Number of times data sent monitor element
IDA_SEND_VOLUME BIGINT ida_send_volume - Total data volume sent monitor element
IDA_RECV_WAIT_TIME BIGINT ida_recv_wait_time - Time spent waiting to receive data monitor element
IDA_RECVS_TOTAL BIGINT ida_recvs_total - Number of times data received monitor element
IDA_RECV_VOLUME BIGINT ida_recv_volume - Total data volume received monitor element
ROWS_DELETED BIGINT rows_deleted - Rows deleted monitor element
ROWS_INSERTED BIGINT rows_inserted - Rows inserted monitor element
ROWS_UPDATED BIGINT rows_updated - Rows updated monitor element
TOTAL_HASH_JOINS BIGINT total_hash_joins - Total Hash Joins monitor element
TOTAL_HASH_LOOPS BIGINT total_hash_loops - Total Hash Loops monitor element
HASH_JOIN_OVERFLOWS BIGINT hash_join_overflows - Hash Join Overflows monitor element
HASH_JOIN_SMALL_OVERFLOWS BIGINT hash_join_small_overflows - Hash Join Small Overflows monitor element
POST_SHRTHRESHOLD_HASH_JOINS BIGINT post_shrthreshold_hash_joins - Post threshold hash joins monitor element
TOTAL_OLAP_FUNCS BIGINT total_olap_funcs - Total OLAP Functions monitor element
OLAP_FUNC_OVERFLOWS BIGINT olap_func_overflows - OLAP Function Overflows monitor element
INT_ROWS_DELETED BIGINT int_rows_deleted - Internal Rows Deleted monitor element
INT_ROWS_INSERTED BIGINT int_rows_inserted - Internal Rows Inserted monitor element
INT_ROWS_UPDATED BIGINT int_rows_updated - Internal Rows Updated monitor element
POOL_COL_L_READS BIGINT pool_col_l_reads - Buffer pool column-organized logical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_COL_L_READS BIGINT pool_temp_col_l_reads - Buffer pool column-organized temporary logical reads monitor element
POOL_COL_P_READS BIGINT pool_col_p_reads - Buffer pool column-organized physical reads monitor element
POOL_TEMP_COL_P_READS BIGINT pool_temp_col_p_reads - Buffer pool column-organized temporary physical reads monitor element
POOL_COL_LBP_PAGES_FOUND BIGINT pool_col_lbp_pages_found - Buffer pool column-organized LBP pages found monitor element
POOL_COL_WRITES BIGINT pool_col_writes - Buffer pool column-organized writes monitor element
POOL_COL_GBP_L_READS BIGINT pool_col_gbp_l_reads - Buffer pool column-organized GBP logical reads monitor element
POOL_COL_GBP_P_READS BIGINT pool_col_gbp_p_reads - Buffer pool column-organized GBP physical reads monitor element
POOL_COL_GBP_INVALID_PAGES BIGINT pool_col_gbp_invalid_pages - Buffer pool column-organized GBP invalid data pages monitor element
POOL_COL_GBP_INDEP_PAGES_FOUND_IN_LBP BIGINT pool_col_gbp_indep_pages_found_in_lbp - Buffer pool column-organized GBP independent pages found in local buffer pool monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_COL_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_col_reqs - Column-organized prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_COL_REQS BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_col_reqs - Column-organized temporary prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_COL_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_col_pages - Column-organized page prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_QUEUED_ASYNC_TEMP_COL_PAGES BIGINT pool_queued_async_temp_col_pages - Column-organized page temporary prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_COL_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_col_reqs - Failed column-organized prefetch requests monitor element
POOL_FAILED_ASYNC_TEMP_COL_REQS BIGINT pool_failed_async_temp_col_reqs - Failed column-organized temporary prefetch requests monitor element
TOTAL_COL_TIME BIGINT total_col_time - Total column-organized time monitor element
TOTAL_COL_PROC_TIME BIGINT total_col_proc_time - Total column-organized processing time monitor element
TOTAL_COL_EXECUTIONS BIGINT total_col_executions - Total column-organized executions monitor element
COMM_EXIT_WAIT_TIME BIGINT comm_exit_wait_time - Communication exit wait time monitor element
COMM_EXIT_WAITS BIGINT comm_exit_waits - Communication exit number of waits monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_HASH_JOINS BIGINT post_threshold_hash_joins - Hash Join Threshold monitor element
TOTAL_HASH_GRPBYS BIGINT total_hash_grpbys - Total hash GROUP BY operations monitor element
HASH_GRPBY_OVERFLOWS BIGINT hash_grpby_overflows - Hash GROUP BY overflows monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_HASH_GRPBYS BIGINT post_threshold_hash_grpbys - Hash GROUP BY threshold monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_OLAP_FUNCS BIGINT post_threshold_olap_funcs - OLAP Function Threshold monitor element
POST_THRESHOLD_COL_VECTOR_CONSUMERS BIGINT post_threshold_col_vector_consumers - Post-threshold columnar vector memory consumers monitor element
TOTAL_COL_VECTOR_CONSUMERS BIGINT total_col_vector_consumers - Total columnar vector memory consumers monitor element
TOTAL_INDEX_BUILD_TIME BIGINT total_index_build_time - Total time spent building indexes due to index creation or re-creation monitor element
TOTAL_INDEX_BUILD_PROC_TIME BIGINT total_index_build_proc_time - Total non-wait time spent building indexes due to index creation or re-creation monitor element
TOTAL_INDEXES_BUILT BIGINT total_indexes_built - Total number of indexes built monitor element
EXT_TABLE_RECV_WAIT_TIME BIGINT ext_table_recv_wait_time - Total agent wait time for external table readers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_RECVS_TOTAL BIGINT ext_table_recvs_total - Total row batches received from external table readers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_RECV_VOLUME BIGINT ext_table_recv_volume - Total data received from external table readers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_READ_VOLUME BIGINT ext_table_read_volume - Total data read by external table readers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_SEND_WAIT_TIME BIGINT ext_table_send_wait_time - Total agent wait time for external table writers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_SENDS_TOTAL BIGINT ext_table_sends_total - Total row batches sent to external table writers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_SEND_VOLUME BIGINT ext_table_send_volume - Total data sent to external table writers monitor element
EXT_TABLE_WRITE_VOLUME BIGINT ext_table_write_volume - Total data written by external table writers monitor element
COL_VECTOR_CONSUMER_OVERFLOWS BIGINT col_vector_consumer_overflows - Columnar vector consumer overflows monitor element
Table 3. Information returned for a locking event monitor: Table name: PKGCACHE_STMT_ARGS
Column Name Data Type Description
XMLID VARCHAR(256 OCTETS) NOT NULL xmlid - XML ID monitor element
STMT_VALUE_INDEX INTEGER NOT NULL stmt_value_index - Value index monitor element
STMT_VALUE_ISREOPT INTEGER stmt_value_isreopt - Variable used for statement reoptimization monitor element
STMT_VALUE_ISNULL INTEGER stmt_value_isnull - Value has null value monitor element
STMT_VALUE_TYPE CHAR(16 OCTETS) stmt_value_type - Value type monitor element
STMT_VALUE_DATA CLOB(32K OCTETS)) ORGANIZE BY ROW stmt_value_data - Value data monitor element
Entries for the following data types are recorded in the preceding table, however, the actual values of the arguments are not recorded in the STMT_VALUE_DATA element:
  • BLOB
  • CLOB
  • REF
  • Structured data types
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Input arguments are recorded beginning with the one that appears first in the statement, and continuing with each one in succession. The number of input parameters that can be recorded in this table is constrained only by the upper limit on the size of the BLOB document that the UE event monitor uses to capture event information. In practical terms, it is unlikely the number input arguments captured would ever cause this limit to be reached.