Maintaining passwords on servers

You might be required to perform password maintenance tasks. Because such tasks are typically required at the server, and many users are not able or comfortable working with the server environment, performing these tasks can pose a significant challenge. The Db2® database system provides a way to update and verify passwords without having to be at the server.

You can assign new passwords when you connect to databases on the following servers for the indicated (and later) releases: Db2 Universal Database Version 8 on AIX® and Windows operating systems, Db2 Version 9.1 Fix Pack 3 or later on Linux® operating systems, Db2 for z/OS® Version 7, Db2 for IBM® i V6R1.

For example, if an error message SQL1404N Password expired or SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason 1 (PASSWORD EXPIRED) is received, use the CONNECT statement to change the password as follows:

CONNECT TO database USER userid USING 
    password NEW new_password CONFIRM new_password