IBM Db2 Graph

Using the Apache Tinkerpop graph analytics framework, IBM® Db2® Graph transforms and optimizes Gremlin queries for analyzing data in your Db2 database.

Attention: With the release of Db2 11.5.9, Db2 Graph is discontinued. You can still run Db2 Graph as a standalone application with Db2 11.5.6 through 11.5.8.

Db2 Graph exposes your Db2 data to graph queries natively and without third-party software. Db2 Graph makes this possible by using a Graph overlay file to define each row in a table as either a vertex or an edge.

How Db2 Graph works

Db2 Graph is written with the Apache Tinkerpop graph analytics framework. It can transform and optimize Gremlin queries into SQL statements, which get efficiently processed in Db2 over a JDBC connection. It works by creating a virtual graph model that defines each row in a table as either a vertex or an edge.

Data that is already stored in Db2 is exposed for graph queries without exporting or transforming the data, or having to load it into a separate graph analysis application.

Since the graph queries are running on the data stored in Db2, any new or updated data is made available for graph queries immediately. This provides graph analytics on transactional data in real time. The vertex and edge definitions are not limited to tables. Custom views in Db2 can be used to define vertexes or edges. This provides instantaneous customization of a graph with no need to maintain complex logic to create or modify edges to get different graph views.

There are also a number of security and audit processes that become much easier with Db2 Graph. Since the data is stored in Db2, and does not need to be exported or transformed, existing practices for data security and auditing can remain in place. Db2 Graph is viewed as another client accessing the data.

Db2 Graph is preconfigured with the Gremlin server. On x86 platforms, Db2 Graph is also preconfigured with the Gremlin console. The Gremlin console is only available for x86 platforms.

Further reading

For an introduction to Apache Tinkerpop and Gremlin, the graph analytics framework that Db2 Graph is built upon, see these pages:

For an in-depth look at Gremlin and Apache Tinkerpop, see the guide PRACTICAL GREMLIN:An Apache TinkerPop Tutorial.

The Db2 Graph demo

For a visual walk-through of Db2 Graph, see the IBM Db2 Graph demo.