Moving to containers with IBM Db2 Click-to-Containerize

IBM Db2 Click-to-Containerize is a new application designed to help users shift from a traditional Db2 deployment to a containerized Linux® cluster.

Click-to-Containerize offers several modes of shifting your database:
This mode will create scripts tailored for a direct movement of your on-premises database to a Db2U container deployment.
The Clone feature will copy the database control files and file system objects to another directory on the local machine or to another attached file system. This process takes substantially less time than a shift operation. The cloned files can be transferred to another server that has the appropriate software and bandwidth available to do the deployment step.
The Deploy process will complete the shift of the original database without requiring access to the original source database. Optionally, HADR can be added to the source database and connected to the new cloned copy to allow for the database to be synchronized between the two sites
Pod shift
This mode will transfer your existing Db2U pod to a new one as Click-to-Containerize is not limited to on-premises-to-cloud deployments.
An additional feature of Click-to-Containerize allows you to generate a clone of an existing Db2 Container service on OpenShift® or IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

The Click-to-Containerize utility works through a series of shell scripts that you generate from required source and destination parameters. You enter these parameters through the Click-to-Containerize user interface (UI). The scripts are then transferred to the source Db2 database and run from there.

Db2 can run on a number of environments and operating systems, including containerized environments like the Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform. Use the IBM Db2 Click-to-Containerize utility to determine if your Db2 databases are candidates to containerize on OpenShift. Once you have found suitable candidates, use the utility to produce a Linux shell script for moving your Db2 databases to OpenShift.

These shell scripts include:
  • This script is generated and is used to containerize the source database into the target machine.
  • This script is generated and is used to move user IDs and to give users the authority in the target machine.

Currently, IBM Db2 Click-to-Containerize can be downloaded from the Passport Advantage® Online site.

For information on how to install the IBM Red Hat OpenShift client, visit the OpenShift documentation here.

For information on how Db2 integrates with OpenShift, visit the Db2 documentation here.