authn_cache_duration - Authentication cache duration configuration parameter

This configuration parameter determines the length of time that a user entry will be considered to be valid and available for reuse while in the Db2® authentication cache.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable online
Default [range]
3 [ 1 - 10000 ]
Unit of measure
Number of minutes for which an entry is considered valid and available for reuse while in the Db2 authentication cache.

This parameter sets the duration before cache entries expire in the Db2 authentication cache. This duration begins when the cached entry is first entered into the cache; once the duration is exceeded, the entry is no longer considered valid for comparison against new requests and can be evicted. The next request for the expired entry will be forced to perform the full authentication process.

The expiry time is not affected by the frequency of references by incoming authentication requests. An expired cached entry may or may not be immediately removed from the cache depending on the demands placed on the cache.

When the parameter is set to a different value, all new and existing entries in the cache will begin to use the new value.

The Db2 authentication cache is active when the AUTHN_CACHE_USERS database configuration parameter is set to a value greater than zero.