act_sortmem_limit - Activity sort memory limit configuration parameter

This parameter specifies the individual query sort memory limit for the database.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable online
Default [range]
NONE [NONE, 10-100]
Usage notes

Specifies the maximum percentage of the configured shared sort memory (SHEAPTHRES_SHR) that individual queries executing in the database can consume. If sort memory limits are set at the service class, the most constrained value will take precedence. The value NONE and 100 are synonyms and indicate that no limit exists for a query.

The activity sort memory limit will only be enforced for queries that are managed by the adaptive workload manager. If the adaptive workload manager is disabled (WLM_ADMISSION_CTRL database config parameter is set to NO) or a query bypasses the adaptive workload manager, no sort memory limit will be applied to the query regardless of the service class it runs in.

Note: Setting an activity sort memory limit too low may result in reduced performance for queries.