What's new

The What's New section includes information about new functionality included in each release of Db2® version 11.5. This includes the general acceptance (GA) release and all subsequent modification pack and fix pack (MP/FP) releases. In addition to new functionality, each release-specific section lists changed, deprecated, and discontinued functionality.

System requirements

For changes on platform support, software, and any other system requirements for this release, see System requirements update for IBM Db2 11.5 Releases.

Changed, deprecated, and discontinued functionality

Each What's changed section provides information about changes to existing functionality from previous versions of Db2.

Modification packs and fix packs

Db2 uses a four part product signature that includes both Modification Pack values (Mod Pack) and Fix Pack values.

The Db2 four part product signature is of the format VV.RR.MM.FF where:
  • VV Is the Version number.
  • RR Is the Release number.
  • MM Is the Modification number.
  • FF Is the Fix Pack number.

The product signature format follows the Maintenance Delivery Vehicle standard that is used throughout the IBM® product lines. For more information, see Maintenance Stream Delivery Vehicle terminology. A Modification number, also referred to as a Mod Pack, is used to indicate new significant features. Subsequent updates for Db2 11.5 now follow this product signature standard.

To determine the full version of Db2, use the db2level command.

Attention: New Mod Pack releases for container-deployed Db2 products

IBM® offers a number of Db2-based solutions for small to enterprise size container environments [e.g., Db2 Community Edition, Db2 Warehouse, the IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS)]. These container-deployed products, and the Db2 engine that powers them, are released at regular intervals between traditional Db2 on-prem releases. The Db2 engine for these products is identified using the Mod Pack numbering scheme currently used in the Db2 product signature.

New features that are available in these container-deployed Mod Pack releases are rolled into a subsequent Db2 on-prem release. The on-prem release also contains any new features that are available in the container-deployed release that aligns with its release date. So, each on-prem release of Db2 aligns with a similarly numbered container-ready release.

The container releases are available for the following Linux® systems:
  • Linux® on AMD64 and Intel® EM64T systems (x64)
  • Linux® on POWER® systems (little endian)
  • Linux® on System z®