Entitlement by processor or users

You can purchase all Db2 Connect and Db2® database products either per processor (priced by Processor Value Unit (PVU)) or per user.

In particular, you can purchase licenses:
  • per processor (priced by PVU)
  • per authorized user
  • per concurrent user (This option is available only for Db2 Connect Enterprise Edition).
Note: This information does not apply to Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System i® or Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System z®, which have unique licensing options. For further information, refer to the software licensing agreements for those products: http://www.ibm.com/software/sla/sladb.nsf

If you purchase your Db2 database product license per processor, you will see License Type: "CPU Option" in the output from the command db2licm -l. For more information about Processor Value Unit (PVU) pricing, refer to Processor value unit pricing.

An authorized user single install user is a single individual with a specific identity within or outside your organization. IDs for authorized users cannot be shared and you cannot transfer IDs unless there is a change in employment status. An ID can establish one or more connections to the Db2 database system and counts as a single authorized user. If an authorized user connects to other Db2 database servers, additional licenses are required for those connections (using the appropriate charge metric for those Db2 database servers). If you purchase your Db2 database product license by authorized user, the db2licm -l command will show the following: License type: "Authorized User Single Install Option".

A concurrent user, also known as a floating user is one individual, machine, program, or device within or outside your organization. Concurrent user licenses are available only for Db2 Connect Enterprise Edition. A Proof of Entitlement (PoE) is required for the highest number of users that will simultaneously access a program or any program component either directly by connecting to the Db2 data server or indirectly through an application or application server like WAS, on behalf of an authorized user. Other examples of indirect access are through a multiplexing program, device, or application server. If you purchase a Db2 Connect Enterprise Edition product license by concurrent user, the db2licm -l command will show the following: License type: "User" and Concurrent connect user policy: "Enabled" .

Neither authorized nor concurrent users are transferable among servers. A user license is for a single server and cannot be shared across servers concurrently or sequentially. You can transfer an ID or PoE because of a change in employment status: for example, when someone leaves the company or department and is replaced with someone else. However, you cannot share the ID or PoE, such as by transferring it across work shifts or using it for job sharing.

If you choose to purchase licenses per user, there is a minimum number of users required:
  • Db2 Workgroup Server Edition each require a minimum of five authorized users for each server.
  • Db2 Enterprise Server Edition requires a minimum of 25 authorized users per 100 PVUs (rounded up to the nearest 100 PVUs) that apply to the processors on which the Db2 database product is installed.
  • Db2 Connect has an effective minimum of 25 authorized users or concurrent users because Db2 Connect users are sold only in blocks of 25. You cannot purchase individual Db2 Connect user license entitlements.
Note: Db2 Connect and Db2 database products require only a user entitlement (a minimum number of users), not both a user entitlement and a server entitlement.
If you do not want to keep track of users, your best option is buying a processor license that allows an unlimited number of users.

For administrative, maintenance, and management scripts, one authorized user is required for each database or systems administrator connecting to the system. Even if that user initiates multiple automated management scripts, only one authorized user license is required. If you are licensed per concurrent user, you require only enough concurrent users to support the highest number of users simultaneously accessing the program, therefore you must include users who are running automated or scheduled scripts in this count.

If you purchase Db2 features, they must use the same charge metric that the underlying Db2 database product uses.

For example, if you purchased Db2 Enterprise Server Edition using a per processor (rounded up to the nearest 100 PVUs) metric, you must purchase the Db2 Advanced Recovery Feature by processor as well.