Cataloging a Named Pipes node from a client using the CLP

Cataloging a Named Pipes node adds an entry to the client's node directory that describes the remote node. This entry specifies the chosen alias (node_name), the remote server's workstation name (computer_name), and the instance (instance_name) that the client uses to access the remote Db2® server.


To catalog a Named Pipes node on an IBM® data server client, type the following command in the command line processor (CLP):
   db2 => catalog npipe node node_name 
   db2 => remote computer_name instance instance_name

   db2 => terminate


To catalog a remote node called db2node that is located on a server called server1 in the db2 instance, use:
   db2 => db2 catalog npipe node db2node remote server1 instance db2

   db2 => terminate