Initial connection is not successful

If you have configured a new connection in Db2 Connect and cannot connect successfully, troubleshoot the problem by answering a set of questions that are structured into a checklist.

Review the following questions and ensure that the installation steps were followed:

  1. Did the installation processing complete successfully?
    • Were all the prerequisite software products available?
    • Were the memory and disk space adequate?
    • Was remote client support installed?
    • Was the installation of the communications software completed without any error conditions?
  2. For UNIX operating systems, was an instance of the product created?
    • As root did you create a user and a group to become the instance owner and SYSADM group?
  3. If applicable, was the license information processed successfully?
    • For UNIX operating systems, did you edit the nodelock file and enter the password that IBM supplied?
  4. Were the IBM mainframe database server and workstation communications configured properly?
    • There are three configurations that must be considered:
      1. The IBM mainframe database server configuration identifies the application requester to the server. The IBM mainframe server database management system will have system catalog entries that will define the requester in terms of location, network protocol and security.
      2. The Db2 Connect workstation configuration defines the client population to the server and the IBM mainframe server to the client.
      3. The client workstation configuration must have the name of the workstation and the communications protocol defined.
    • Problem analysis for not making an initial connection includes verifying that PU (physical unit) names are complete and correct, or verifying for TCP/IP connections that the correct port number and hostname have been specified.
    • Both the IBM mainframe server database administrator and the Network administrators have utilities available to diagnose problems.
  5. Do you have the level of authority required by the IBM mainframe server database management system to use the IBM mainframe server database?
    • Consider the access authority of the user, rules for table qualifiers, the anticipated results.
  6. If you attempt to use the Command Line Processor (CLP) to issue SQL statements against a IBM mainframe database server, are you unsuccessful?
    • Did you follow the procedure to bind the CLP to the IBM mainframe database server?

If the checklist does not guide you to a resolution, contact IBM Support.