Gathering relevant information

Troubleshooting includes narrowing the scope of the problem and investigating the possible causes. The proper starting point is to gather the relevant information and determine what you know, what data has not been gathered, and what paths you can eliminate.

At a minimum answer the following questions.
  • Has the initial connection been successful?
  • Is the hardware functioning properly?
  • Are the communication paths operational?
  • Have there been any communication network changes that would make previous directory entries invalid?
  • Has the database been started?
  • Is the communication breakdown between one or more clients and the Db2 Connect Server (gateway); between the Db2 Connect gateway and the IBM mainframe database server
  • What can you determine by the content of the message and the tokens returned in the message?
  • Will using diagnostic tools such as db2trc, db2pd, or db2support provide any assistance at this time?
  • Are other machines performing similar tasks working correctly?
  • If this is a remote task, is it successful if performed locally?