Functionality in Db2 features in Db2 Connect product editions

Some functionality is available in only certain Db2 Connect product editions. In some cases, the functionality is associated with a particular Db2® feature.

The table indicates which functionality is included in a Db2 Connect product edition. If the functionality is not applicable to the Db2 Connect products, the value "Not applicable" is specified.

Table 1. Functionality in Db2 Connect product editions
Functionality Db2 Connect server editions
Adaptive Compression No
Advanced Copy Service Yes
Compression: backup No
Compression: Data No
Compression: Index No
Compression: Temp table No
Compression: XML No
Connection concentrator Yes
Continuous Data Ingest No
Database partitioning No
Db2 Governor Yes
Heterogeneous Federation No
High availability disaster recovery Yes
Homogeneous Federation Yes
Homogeneous Q Replication No
IBM® Data Studio Yes
IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ Configuration Manager for z/OS4 No
IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition1 No
IBM InfoSphere Optim pureQuery® Runtime Yes2
Label-based access control (LBAC) No
Materialized query tables (MQT) Yes
Multidimensional clustering (MDC) tables Yes
Multi-Temperature Storage No
Online table reorganization No
Db2 pureScale® No
pureXML® storage No
Query parallelism Yes
Replication tools Yes3
Scan Sharing No
Spatial Extender Yes
Time Travel Query Yes
Table partitioning No
Tivoli® System Automation Yes
Workload management Yes
  1. IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition is a follow-on to Performance Expert. IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition helps optimize the performance and availability of mission-critical databases and applications.
  2. Only Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System z® and Db2 Connect Application Server Advanced Edition include IBM InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime.
  3. Replication tools except the Replication Center are available on all supported operating systems. The Replication Center is available only on Linux® and Windows operating systems.
  4. IBM InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager for z/OS is packaged with Db2 Connect Unlimited Advanced Edition for System z.