The UPDATE DATABASE MANAGER CONFIGURATION command modifies individual entries in the database manager configuration file.


One of the following:
  • Member of Local Administrator Group on Windows operating system
  • Instance Owner on UNIX or Linux® operating system

Required connection

None or instance. An instance attachment is not required to perform local DBM configuration operations, but is required to perform remote DBM configuration operations. To update the database manager configuration for a remote instance, it is necessary to first attach to that instance. To update a configuration parameter online, it is also necessary to first attach to the instance.

Command syntax


Command parameters

MEMBER member-number
The MEMBER clause specifies to which member the change should be applied. Omission of this clause results in the change being applied to all the members.
USING config-keyword value
Specifies the database manager configuration parameter to be updated. For a list of configuration parameters, refer to the configuration parameters summary. value specifies the value to be assigned to the parameter.
Some configuration parameters can be set to AUTOMATIC, allowing Db2® to automatically adjust these parameters to reflect the current resource requirements. For a list of configuration parameters that support the AUTOMATIC keyword, refer to the configuration parameters summary. If a value is specified along with the AUTOMATIC keyword, it might influence the automatic calculations. For specific details about this behavior, refer to the documentation for the configuration parameter.
Disables automatic tuning for the configuration parameter. The parameter is set to its current internal value and is no longer updated automatically.
Make the changes right now, dynamically, while the instance is running. IMMEDIATE is the default, but it requires an instance attachment to be effective.
Make the changes only in the configuration file, so that the changes take effect when the instance is restarted.

This is a default clause when operating in the CLPPlus interface. DEFERRED need not be called when using CLPPlus processor.

Usage notes

To view or print a list of the database manager configuration parameters, use the GET DATABASE MANAGER CONFIGURATION command. To reset the database manager configuration parameters to the recommended database manager defaults, use the RESET DATABASE MANAGER CONFIGURATION command. For more information about database manager configuration parameters and the values of these parameters appropriate for each type of database node configured (server, client, or server with remote clients), see individual configuration parameter descriptions.

Not all parameters can be updated.

Some changes to the database manager configuration file become effective only after they are loaded into memory. For more information aboutwhich parameters are configurable online and which ones are not, see the configuration parameter summary. Server configuration parameters that are not reset immediately are reset during execution of db2start. For a client configuration parameter, parameters are reset the next time you restart the application. If the client is the command line processor, it is necessary to invoke TERMINATE.

For example, to change the DIAGLEVEL database manager configuration parameter online for the eastern instance of the database manager, enter the following command:
  db2 attach to eastern
  db2 update dbm cfg using DIAGLEVEL 1
  db2 detach 

If an error occurs, the database manager configuration file does not change.

The database manager configuration file cannot be updated if the checksum is invalid. This can occur if you edit database manager configuration file and do not use the appropriate command. If the checksum is invalid, you must reinstall the database manager to reset the database manager configuration file.

When you update the SVCENAME, or TPNAME database manager configuration parameters for the current instance, if LDAP support is enabled and there is an LDAP server registered for this instance, the LDAP server is updated with the new value or values.