db2xprt - Format trap file command

Formats the Db2® database binary trap files into a human readable ASCII file.

Trap files (*.TRP) are located in the instance directory (DB2INSTPROF) by default or in the diagnostic data directory path if the diagpath database manager configuration parameter is set. It can be found under the SQLLIB/BIN directory. The db2xprt command uses Db2 symbol files (.PDB) in order to format the trap files.


You must have access to the diagpath directory.

Command syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramdb2xprt/ppath/v/ninfileoutfile

Command parameters

/p path
A semicolon (;) separated path that points to the location or locations where the binary files and PDB files are located.
Displays version information.
Formats data without regard to line number information.
Specifies the input file.
Specifies the output file.


If a trap file called DB30882416.TRP had been produced in your diagpath, you could format it as follows:

    db2xprt DB30882416.TRP DB30882416.FMT