db2stop - Stop Db2 command

Stops the database manager on the target member or all members. In a Db2® pureScale® environment, it may also be used to stop the cluster caching facility (CF).

db2stop can be executed as a system command or a CLP command.

If a db2stop operation is not completed within the value specified by the start_stop_time database manager configuration parameter, the database members and partitions being stopped will be killed internally (all resources associated with the database partition will be removed). Environments with a low value for start_stop_time may experience this behavior. To resolve this behavior, increase the value of start_stop_time.

To allow the force application operation more time to succeed, for example to rollback a large batch transaction, increase start_stop_time. If the timeout is configured to be too low or if the member/partition(s) is in a state that cannot be successfully forced, the member/partition(s) will be killed and possibly in need of crash recovery. db2start needs to be run before the crash recovery can occur and release any retained locks, then db2stop to stop the member/partition(s) cleanly.

For more information about the start_stop_time configuration parameter, refer to the usage notes section in STOP DATABASE MANAGER command.