db2setup - Install Db2 database products command

Installs Db2 database products. DB2setup is only available on Linux and UNIX operating systems. Instead of db2setup, the command for Windows operating systems is setup.

This utility is located on the Db2 database installation media. It launches the Db2 Setup wizard to define the installation and install Db2 database products. If invoked with the -r option, it performs an installation without further input, taking installation configuration information from a response file.


Root authority. On Linux® and UNIX operating systems, root installations require root user authority. For non-root installations, you must log on with the user ID that owns the non-root installation.

Command syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram db2setup -ilanguage-llog_file-ttrace_file-rresponse_file-c-fnobackup-?-h

Command parameters

-i language
Two-letter language code of the language in which to perform the installation.
-l log_file
Writes the log to the file name specified. For root installations, /tmp/db2setup.log is created as a soft link to the latest log file. For non-root installations, the default log file is /tmp/db2setup_userID.log, where userID represents the user ID that owns the non-root installation. If the IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) is being installed with db2setup, the install log file for SA MP will be located in the same directory as the Db2 database log files.
-t trace_file
Generates a file with install trace information.
-r response_file
Full path and file name of the response file to use. This parameter is mandatory when the -c parameter is specified.
Validates the contents of the response file without performing the installation. The validation results are printed to the log file. The location of the log file is printed in the resulting message. When this parameter is specified, you must also specify the -r parameter.
-f nobackup
This applies to the non-root upgrade only. Force db2setup to not backup installation files when the components are updated. If you choose not to backup the files, the space requirement of the installation directory is reduced. However, choosing not to backup the files also means that if any errors occur, the Db2 installer will not be able to perform a rollback operation. In this case, you will need to manually clean up the files and reinstall the product.
-? | -h
Generates usage information.

Usage notes

You must log on with the ID that has proper authority or use su with the "-" flag (su -) to set the process environment as if you had logged in with the ID that has proper authority. If the process environment is not set with the ID that has proper authority, the installation process finishes without errors but you will encounter errors when you run the Db2 copy.