db2_install - Install Db2 database product command

Installs all features of a Db2 database product to the given path. This command is available only on Linux® and UNIX operating systems.


Root installations require root user authority. For non-root installations, you must log on with the user ID that owns the non-root installation.

Required Connection


Command syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramdb2_install-binstall-path-fNOTSAMPPURESCALE-fNOPCMK-fnobackup-fignoreType1-fnoencryption-pproductShortName-cNLPACK_location-n-m-y-Llanguage-llog-file-ttrace-file-h-?

Command parameters

-b install-path
Specifies the path where the Db2 database product is to be installed. The value of the install-path variable must be a full path name, and its maximum length is 128 characters. This parameter is mandatory if you specify the -n parameter. In non-root install scenarios, the Db2 product may only be installed in a subdirectory called sqllib in the user's home directory $HOME/sqllib:
  • The -b parameter is optional in non-root installation scenarios.
  • If the -b parameter is specified in a non-root installation scenario, the only supported value for this parameter is the full path equivalent to $HOME/sqllib.

The -f PURESCALE and -f NOTSAMP parameters are mutually exclusive. The PURESCALE option applies to products that support the IBM® Db2 pureScale® Feature only. The PURESCALE option is ignored for products that do not support the Db2 pureScale Feature.

Specifies that IBM Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) should not be either installed or updated.
Specifies that the Db2 pureScale Feature will be installed.
Specifies that Pacemaker will not be installed or updated.
Note: Starting in version 11.5.6, Pacemaker is installed by default.
-f nobackup
This applies to the non-root upgrade only. Forces db2_install to not backup installation files when the components are updated. If you choose not to backup the files, the space requirement of the installation directory is reduced. However, choosing not to backup the files also means that if any errors occur, the Db2 database installer will not be able to perform a rollback operation. In this case, you will need to manually clean up the files and reinstall the product.
-f ignoreType1
This applies to the non-root upgrade only. Forces db2_install to ignore type-1 indexes when checking the database status.
-f noencryption
Specifies that the IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit) should not be either installed or updated. If you do not install the IBM GSKit, the encryption facility is not available in the Db2 instance. Users and applications cannot encrypt or decrypt data in the instance or in transit between Db2 servers and clients. The noencryption option is not supported if you select the Db2 pureScale Feature.
-p productShortName
Specifies the Db2 database product to be installed. This parameter is case insensitive and is mandatory when the -n parameter is specified. The product short name (productShortName) can be found in the file ComponentList.htm (under the product full name). The ComponentList.htm file lists all the components that are installed with your Db2 database product. The file is located in the db2/plat subdirectory on your media where plat is the platform name that you are installing on. You can only install one product at a time.
Note: The components listed in the ComponentList.htm file is dependant on the version of Db2 that you are installing. This file might be different on another version of Db2.
-c NLPACK_location
Specifies the absolute path location of the related Db2 National Language Pack (NLPACK). This parameter is mandatory when -n is specified. The Db2 NLPACK location needs to be provided explicitly if all of the following conditions are met:
  • The -n option is specified.
  • The installation requires National Language (non-English) support.
  • The Db2 NLPACK is neither inside the Db2 database product image nor in the same subdirectory as the Db2 database product image.
Specifies noninteractive mode. When specified, you must also specify -b, -p, and/or -c.
This option applies to non-root installation only. Specifies upgrade of a non-root copy. During upgrade, all preexisting Db2 database products in the current path are removed. Upgrade installs the specified product. Following the upgrade, other Db2 database products need to be installed separately.
Specifies that you have read and agreed to the license agreement file that is found in the db2/license directory of the product activation CD. This parameter is mandatory when -n is specified.
-L language
Specifies national language support. You can install a non-English version of a Db2 database product. However, you must run this command from the product CD, not the National Language pack CD. By default, English is always installed, therefore, English does not need to be specified. When more than one language is required, this parameter is mandatory. To indicate multiple languages, specify this parameter multiple times. For example, to install both French and German, specify -L FR -L DE. This parameter is case insensitive.
-l log-file
Specifies the log file. For root installations, the default log file is /tmp/db2_install.log$$, where $$ represents the process ID. For non-root installations, the default log file is /tmp/db2_install_userID.log, where userID represents the user ID that owns the non-root installation. If IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) is being installed or updated with the db2_install command, the corresponding log file will be located in the same directory as Db2 database log files.
-t trace-file
Turns on the debug mode. The debug information is written to the file name specified as trace-file.
-h | -?
Displays usage information.


  • To install from an image in /mnt/cdrom, and to be prompted for all needed input, or to install Db2 Enterprise Server Edition from an image in /mnt/cdrom, issue:
    cd /mnt/cdrom
  • To install Db2 Enterprise Server Edition to /db2/newlevel, from an image in /mnt/cdrom, non-interactively in English, issue:
    cd /mnt/cdrom
    ./db2_install -p server -b /db2/newlevel -n
  • To install Db2 Enterprise Server Edition with the Db2 pureScale Feature from an image in /mnt/cdrom, non-interactively in English, issue:
    cd /mnt/cdrom
    ./db2_install -b <install_dir> -p SERVER -f PURESCALE 

Usage notes

If a IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX® cluster is running, you can not perform a IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) installation, upgrade or update because SA MP bundles Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology (RSCT) filesets that are dependent on PowerHA SystemMirror.

To skip the SA MP installation use the db2_install command or the installFixPack command. For information on installing or upgrading SA MP using a PowerHA SystemMirror cluster, see the white paper entitled Upgrade guide for Db2 Servers in HACMP Environments, which is available from the IBM Support and downloads website (http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21045033).