Pre-upgrade tasks for clients

Before you upgrade your clients, you must complete certain tasks to help ensure that your upgrade is successful.


Prepare for the upgrade of your clients by performing the following tasks:

  1. Review the upgrade essentials for clients to determine which factors might impact your client upgrade.

    For more details, see Upgrade essentials for clients.

  2. Review the supported and non-supported client configurations.
  3. Plan your upgrade strategy.

    For more information, see Plan your Db2 environment upgrade.

    For example, you might need to upgrade your Db2 server first, then your clients.
  4. Optional: Upgrade your Db2 servers.

    For more information, see Upgrade Db2 servers.

  5. Back up your client configuration information.
  6. On Windows operating system, identify the system or user ODBC data sources that are registered in the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator by using the db2cli interactive tool.

    For user ODBC DSN, issue the following command:

    db2cli registerdsn -list 

    For 64-bit ODBC DSN, issue the following command:

    db2cli registerdsn -list -system

    For 32-bit ODBC DSN, issue the following command:

    db2cli32 registerdsn -list -system
  7. Optional: Upgrade your clients in a test environment to identify upgrade issues and to verify that applications, scripts, tools, and routines work as expected before you upgrade your production environment.

    For more information, see Upgrading clients in a test environment.