Password rules for drivers and CLPPlus

Starting in Version 10.1 Fix Pack 2, the ODBC, CLI, .NET data provider, and the CLPPlus interface support password values containing the ASCII code range of 0x20 to 0x7E.

Support for this range of characters is subject to the following limitations:
  • The ; character, ASCII code 0x3b, is not supported for use in passwords.
  • According to DRDA protocol, passwords which contain a leading or trailing space, ASCII code 0x20, are stripped of any leading or trailing space characters before they are passed to any database server.
  • In a CLPPlus environment, passwords that contain any of the following characters must be enclosed in quotation marks when used in the CONNECT command syntax:
    • @, ASCII code 0x40,
    • /, ASCII code 0x2f,
    • :, ASCII code 0x3a.
  • Characters specified in a password are subject to programming language restrictions. Programming language restrictions include reserved characters used as delimiters for the specific programming language, or characters that require the use of escape characters.


  • This example shows how to use special characters in the CLPPlus CONNECT command syntax:
    connect TESTPASS6/'password@:A'@localhost:50000/sample
  • This example shows that wrapping the password in quotation marks in a CLPPlus environment is not required in prompt mode:
    SQL> connect TESTPASS6@localhost:50000/sample
    Enter password: ***********