Upgrading Db2 servers in Microsoft Cluster Server environments

Upgrading Db2 servers in Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) environments to version 11.5 requires that you install Db2 version 11.5 as a new copy in all nodes and then upgrade your MSCS instances and databases.

Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) provides High Availability functions to windows users. During setup of Db2 server failover support on MSCS, a server instance is transformed into an MSCS instance.

You can run the db2iupgrade command to upgrade your MSCS instance and to upgrade existing pre- version 11.5 MSCS resources to version 11.5 Db2 MSCS resources.

Before you begin


  • This procedure applies only to upgrade from Db2 32-bit servers when you install the version 11.5 32-bit database product, or from Db2 64-bit servers when you install the version 11.5 64-bit database product.

    The instance bit size is determined by the operating system and the Db2 version 11.5 database product that you install, see Support changes for 32-bit and 64-bit Db2 servers for details.

  • Use only the Install New option in the Install a Product panel to install Db2 version 11.5. If you choose the upgrade action when you select the Work with Existing option on the Install a Product panel, the installation process fails.
  • Additional upgrade restrictions apply. Refer to Upgrade restrictions for Db2 servers. Review the complete list.


To upgrade a Db2 server in an MSCS environment to Db2 version 11.5:

  1. Log on to the Db2 server as a user with Local Administrator authority.
  2. Install Db2 version 11.5 in all of the nodes in the MSCS cluster. Run the setup command to launch the Db2 Setup wizard and select the Install New option in the Install a Product panel. Do not select the Work with Existing option.
  3. Take the resource for the instance offline using the Cluster Administrator. The resource name is the same as the instance name. Ensure that all the remaining resources in the same group as the instance are online.

    For more information about using the Cluster Administrator, refer to MSCS documentation.

  4. Upgrade your MSCS instances by running the db2iupgrade command. This command defines a new resource type called "Db2 Server", and updates all Db2 MSCS resources to use the new resource type. Having a new resource type during the upgrade eliminates conflict with existing pre-Db2 version 11.5 MSCS resources.
         $DB2DIR\bin\db2iupgrade /u:user,password MSCS-InstName
    You must run this command from the node that owns all the instance-dependent resources.
  5. Stop and restart the cluster service in all of the nodes in the MSCS cluster by using the Cluster Administrator.
  6. Bring online the group of resources containing the upgraded instance by using the Cluster Administrator.
  7. Optional: Upgrade your Db2 Administration Server (DAS) if you want to keep your existing DAS configuration and use new functionality available in Db2 version 11.5..
    Refer to Upgrading the Db2 Administration Server (DAS).

    If you choose to create a new DAS, you have to re-configure the DAS settings for your MSCS environment.Refer to Creating a Db2 administration server.

  8. Upgrade your databases.
  9. Remove the old Db2 copy. (Optional)
    The Install New option creates a new instance that you can drop using db2idrop.exe <NEWINSTANCE> . You can now choose to uninstall the older copy of db2 by following https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/uninstalling-and-removing-db2-windows

What to do next

After upgrading the Db2 server, perform the recommended post-upgrade tasks such as resetting the diagnostic error level, adjusting log space size, and rebinding packages. In addition, verify that the upgrade of your Db2 server was successful. Refer to Post-upgrade tasks for Db2 servers and Verifying upgrade of Db2 servers.