Schema load authority (LOAD)

The schema LOAD authority allows users to use the LOAD utility on all tables defined in a schema as long as they have DATAACCESS authority either at the database or the schema level for this schema, or the relevant table-level privileges. It also gives the user the ability to run the RUNSTATS utility on the tables defined in the schema.

The relevant table-level privileges are:

  • Privilege to insert into a table for LOAD with mode INSERT, TERMINATE (to terminate a previous LOAD INSERT), or RESTART (to restart a previous LOAD INSERT)
  • Privilege to insert into and delete from a table for LOAD with mode REPLACE, TERMINATE (to terminate a previous LOAD REPLACE), or RESTART (to restart a previous LOAD REPLACE)
  • Privilege to insert into an exception table, if the exception table is used as part of LOAD operation

Schema LOAD authority can only be granted or revoked by a user holding database SECADM or database ACCESSCTRL authority or schema ACCESSCTRL authority. It can be granted to a user, a group, or a role. However, it cannot be granted with grant option or be granted on any schema whose name begins with the "SYS". Additionally, PUBLIC cannot obtain the Schema LOAD authority directly or indirectly through a role.

The authority is the subset of the database LOAD authority with its scope limited only to the schema on which it is granted.