Upgrade impact from SQL statement changes

The changes to SQL statements in version 11.5 can impact your existing applications and scripts after you upgrade to version 11.5.

The changes to SQL statements include new default behaviors and modifications to statement output. In addition, some statements are changed, deprecated, or discontinued. The following table lists the changes that impact applications and scripts:
Table 1. Changes to SQL statements
SQL statement Summary of changes with upgrade impact
CREATE TABLE statement Because the default table organization that is specified by the dft_table_org database configuration parameter is ROW, there is no impact to the upgrade. After the upgrade, if you change the default organization to COLUMN or set the DB2_WORKLOAD registry variable to ANALYTICS before creating the database, scripts or applications that use the CREATE TABLE statement without the ORGANIZE BY COLUMN and ORGANIZE BY ROW clauses create tables with column table organization. Ensure to include the explicit clause to indicate the table organization as a good practice.