Upgrade impact from Db2 command changes

The changes in version 11.5 to Db2 command line processor (CLP) and system commands can impact your existing applications and scripts after you upgrade to version 11.5.

The changes to commands include new parameters, modifications to existing parameters, deprecated or discontinued parameters, and modifications to command output. The following table lists the changes that impact applications and scripts:
Table 1. Changes to Db2 CLP and system commands
Command Summary of changes with upgrade impact



The output for the db2cat, db2exfmt db2expln commands now display information for random ordering of index keys.
db2pd The -apinfo parameter now displays additional information about current and past activities of the UOW.
db2look The db2look command now generates DDL statements to create column-organized tables in addition to row-organized tables.
db2support The -d parameter now supports collection of information from multiple databases. To specify multiple databases, separate the database names with a comma.
db2IdentifyType1 The db2IdentifyType1 command is discontinued.
STATISTICS YES parameter of the LOAD command The STATISTICS YES parameter of the LOAD command is discontinued.